Sri Lanka is below India and is covered with many waters. Good thing about this is the place is a good strategical location. Looking in the map you can see that there are big potential trade partners as India, China, South east Asia nations are just right in the corner. If manage well this can rival many nations. To this day many of its ancient civilization artifact and buildings stand which makes us amaze to how ancient people live.

Allaipiddy is a remote village in the Velanai Island that is located in Sri Lanka. Having being the front and tip of Sri Lanka helps a lot as it makes sense to have beautiful beaches there.

Beach road, Allipiddy, Jaffna., 40000 Allaippiddi, Sri Lanka.
This beach will give you a good commodity and a fine rich experience of a beach experience.

The beach is so calm and accommodations from tent to housing are also available. They offer you above average place to stay for overnight.

And if you’re looking for a place just unwind and relax and enjoy the rest of the beach. Here take a look at the beauty of sun drawn like an art!

Allaipiddi has many more to offer than just a refined and beautiful beach. As this also offers festivals that are being celebrated yearly and people who accommodate humbly and are very generous.

So what are you waiting for. Start to put  Allaipiddi or Sri Lanka in your bucket list this summer vacation!