Why we created this page

Our friend who lives in Allaipiddi shared his story to us and made us felt how blessed are we in our home town. There are many things we take for granted. Especially the food we eat and drink. They are all essential to human survival. But sometimes we disregard it by messing it around. The people in Allaipiddi though they work hard for food most are still having scarce and having no food to eat. Our friend who is very fortunate to have food set in his table because of the hard work of his father and mother.

As he is able to enter university he’s motivation is to make a better town and community for Allaipiddi and together with his dream the least that we can do is to spread the awareness of this place so that it would be saved and be protected from banditry, internal conflicts and problems.

The way we can make a better community is unity. Together with our friends and family we wish Allaipiddi to be safe at all times and become a better place to live in!