Allaipiddi, Sri Lanka people are called Sri Lankan Tamils. They are influenced by hinduism as you can see in the way they walk and talk. They have a cultural and tradition same with many Hindu countries. Though they became a Babylon Roman Catholic people. Their town is still a work in progress and is developing in aspects like agriculture,tourism, fishery and many more. They have a yearly festival too. Here are quick guide to their town.

The way they look is similar to our friends in India and Nepal. They are govern by a leader of a town. The people here are also affected by global crisis due to unbalance economic power. The main source of food here is through their agriculture and fishery. The problem is even though people here work they still have scarce of food that is because of economic problem.

There are many roman catholic church here as incident also happen here when a bombing took place.
To help this people from destitution and being controlled. We’d like to extend and promote this place. Let the government see the lacking of this potential town from developing and become a powerhouse in Sri Lanka.

Please help this place, the brothers and sisters in this place. Let’s help them establish water pumps and extend our charity to them.