Come to visit our beautiful Mother Land

I adore my hometown, love views from your windown of my house, the earth that is full with kids’ laughs,love the peace of the easy life here…love houses on the rear of mountains, love friendly folks, also. I adore everything goes my hometown where I was born and grew in 20 years… However , I need an alteration! … I love are the outside of the poor here!


My native land is not rich. The destitution keeps on pursue persistently the human life in many escape route…. That’s a mountainous remote province in Allaipiddy – a developing town remains numerous issue. There, folks work hard but still have not enough food because the work and the life here depends upon the changeable climate very much. So, children like us grow up in much anxietys and expection to alter the life of many generations. The childhood closely linked the memory of my parents’ strenousness and bits of life who can not get out the inferior obsess me continously. Sometimes I feel quite unhappy while seeing a beggar who come from a far spot to here to make living but finds nothing; genuinely feel unable when all i can do for the medicant old woman is just only the sympathy; burst into tears when unintentionally seeing what my dad does for people around him though he isn’t wealthier than them any more.


I continued to bring those all memories with want to do something for my native land stride over the youth….until now. Saying that does not mean I ‘m not totally bad, perhaps just 50% but that let understand that I do not take notice of cash or sundry things to enjoy for myself. I attempted to locate something which was not ephemeral like recognition or standing! I attempted to help my compatriots. Maybe it’s because I ‘m as poor as them, or due to the manner I was prepared, believed that being a man means having to become a good person , help others especially the olds and the poors, that having to live liberally, open-handedly, that well-being is when others dwell happily…

I understanded that the only means is having to have lots of knowledge to help them do what they do not understand now. So that means I must be quite proficient. For that reason, I must learn to be able to do this. And so university is a destination that is really existed in my way. Therefore I decided to try my best to enter an university.


For your visit – our local hotel.

TREATOOO! Beach Resort is located in a panoramically beautiful location by the beach at Allaipiddy, just 15 minutes drive from Jaffna City. The surrounding villagers are inhabited by fisher folks. The area is dense of Palmyra trees with fresh toddy, yam and sap which are extracted from the tree for sale in the village. Guest will enjoy the location and biking is recommended to explore the village.